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The global water resources are suffering under the pressure from rapid development of the economy, growing demands, climate change and unprecedented pollution. We all are responsible to value healthy water to support a healthy future.

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Since 1943, with 70 year experience, rich corporate culture, and supporting various corporate social projects, we still working on protecting mother nature; As a winner of the SMEs Innovation Award in Water Filtration Technology, We are pride to introduce our slogan; “Not Only Purifying Water, But Also Creating Healthy Futures Today”.

Aquaclio® is an international brand, which provides World-Class Water Filtration Solutions in the World Market, focuses on consumers’ satisfaction. R&D department of the company works hard to innovate, and create high-quality products with advanced technology materials to meet todays needs.

We always keep in our minds, that we have been existing in order to bring the value to the World and Our Goal is to continue to add value to the Society.

      Aquaclio International Co., Ltd.
Quality Brand of RO Systems, Drinking Water Purifier, Shower Filter in Taiwan.

    Aquaclio International Co., Ltd.

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