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Portable Water Filter Cup (Purificup / Icicup)



Appliance Overview - Portable Water Filter Cup (Purificup / Icicup)

The Aquaclio Pocket-Sized portable water filter cup (Purificup / Icicup) FC-330 provides safer, healthier, cleaner, greater taste, & better appearance drinking water. It filters through Advanced Top-Quality Filtration Technology: Nano Silver Coating Membrane, Premium AG+ Activated Carbon and Ion-Exchange Resin.


1. Patented Pocket-Sized design, easy to carry, suitable for travel, hiking, camping, bicycling, outdoor activities...

2. Totally Green - Natural filtration technology; Does not require Electricity and Pump. Does not produce drain.

3. 3 stage filtration provides high quality water for indoor and outdoor.

4. Kills 99% of bacteria, removes sediment, calcium carbonate, chlorine, bad tastes, odor, heavy metal....

5. Produces natural grade weak-alkaline water.

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Portable Water Filter Cup

Portable Water Filter Cup

Portable Water Filter Cup

Exclusive 3 Stage Filter Technology

Nano Silver Coating Membrane
The membrane kills 99.99% of the pathogens and bacteria in water. It is placed on the inlet and exit of the filter circulation channel, preventing the filter cartridge from contamination. 1 micron membrane also removes sand, dirt, silt and particles.

Ag+ Premium Activated Carbon
Premium High Quality Ag+ Activated Carbon. It’s fine and granulated, high filtration performance for removing chlorine, chemicals, THM, organic solvent, pesticides, taste and bad odor.

Ion-Exchange Resin
Food & Beverage Grade Ion-Exchange Resin. High filtration performance, turns hard water into soft water by removing heavy metals (lead, copper, cadmium, mercury, etc) and calcareous (magnesium, calcium icons).

Portable Water Filter
Portable Water Filter Cup
Portable Water Filter

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