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Hot /Cold Water Purifier (Multipurpose)



Appliance Overview - Hot / Cold Water Purifier (Hot Water Filter for Sink, Shower, Toilet, Kitchen)

The Aquaclio water purifier CF-12CH provides safer, healthier, cleaner, & better water appearance for all daily Hot & Cold Water use through Elite Advanced Top-Quality Filtration Technology; Pre-Filter Mesh, Fiber, Calcium Sulfite, Premium Activated Carbon, KDF-55, Tourmaline.


1. Aquaclio 
Counter-current Filtration Technology (CFT).

2. Multi-purposes: Locatable to shower, sink, bath, or toilet bidet...

3. Aquaclio Patented Advanced Technology filter design - Hot & Cold water filtration.

4. Removes chlorine, algae, mould, dirt, rust, odor, agricultural water pollution, pesticides... Prevents bacterial growth.

5. Cleaner and safer water for baby bath - Helps skin allergy, face washing, make-up removing, skin caring, tooth brushing, hand washing, cooking, clothes & linens washing - Prevents dandruff & hair fall.

6. Backwash feature - Extends filter service life - No drain, No waste water, No electricity - Environmentally friendly.

7. Easy - Indoor & Outdoor installation - Easy to replace.

Shower Filter

Shower Filter . Hot Water Filter under Sink 
. Toilet Electronic Bidet Filter

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Installing CF-12CH in Shower    Installing CF-12CH under Sink    Installing CF-12CH in Washlet

Shower Filter
Multi-purpose filter for sanitary : Shower, Sink, Bath and Bidet


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