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Smart Drinking Water Purifier 5 in 1



Appliance Overview - Smart Drinking Water Purifier

The Aquaclio water purifier AP-51FM provides safer, healthier, cleaner, clearer, greater taste, & better appearance for drinking and cooking water. It filters through Smart & Prestigious Advanced Top-Quality Filtration Technology; 5 Micron Delux Pre-Filter, Tourmaline, Premium Activated Carbon, and Hollow Fiber Membrane with Smart Filter Status Indicator Device.


1. Aquaclio 
Counter-current Filtration Technology (CFT).

2. Aquaclio Patented Advanced Technology water purifier design -
 High & Satisfying water flow.

3. Bacteria-Free drinking water - Removes bacteria, sediment, chlorine, bad tastes, odor... activates smaller water clusters - Increases metabolism, produces negative ions - Good to health, prevents bacterial growth.

4. Smart and Friendly, measures water use, notify for filter replacement & 5 in 1 Prestigious Water Purifier - Doesn’t take a large space.

5. No waste water & Maintains good minerals.

6. John Guest tubing - Durable.

7. Aquaclio Quick-Twist filter design - Easy to replace.


Water Purifier 


Mineral Water                               Water Purifier
                       Maintain Minerals        ☆ AQUACLIO Patented Technology

Water Purifier                             John Guest Tube
        ☆ Quick-Twist Cartridge Filter                   ☆ John Guest Tube

Water Purifier
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