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SMEs Innovation Award 2021
SMEs Innovation Award 2021

With the popularity of water softeners, consumers’ choice of products is no longer just about price, instead, it is concerned about product efficiency, environmental friendly and maintenance. Aquaclio is working with an European company to develop water softeners, which is with HSP technology and will be listed on the Asian market in 2022.

The HSP (High Softening Performance) is attained through a combination of software and a different hardware the softener. Compared to a classic water softener, the HSP water softener saves significantly more salt and water up to 40%. Preserving our planet is more important than ever, Aquaclio offers a solution to lower your ecological footprint.

Date: November 11, 2021
Location: Taichung, Taiwan

SMEs Innovation Award 2021    SMEs Innovation Award 2021

SMEs Innovation Award 2021    SMEs Innovation Award 2021


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