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SMEs Innovation Award 2019
SMEs Innovation Award 2019

Aquaclio was announced as the winner at the SMEs Innovation Awards 2019. Winners reflect positive strides made toward improved customer experience and noteworthy achievements in efficiency.

“We have a new R&D project for water purifier recently, which we cooperate with Russian and Singapore companies. Idea given by Singapore company, combining the Russian patent filter media into Aquaclio special water purifier.”

“This is our first time to have three countries cooperation for one R&D project, we will never stop learning, get knowledge and experience from other countries, and provide better products to our customers.” said by Mr. Michael, project leader of Aquaclio.

Date: November 07, 2019
Location: Taichung, Taiwan

SMEs Innovation Award 2019    SMEs Innovation Award 2019

SMEs Innovation Award 2019    SMEs Innovation Award 2019


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