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Taiwan International Water Week 2019
Taiwan International Water Week 2019 (TIWW)
Water for the Future

As the topic of “Water for the Future”, Taiwan International Water Week 2019 was successfully exhibited from September 26 to 28 in Taipei. Aquaclio International, Aquaclio Taiwan, Aquaclio Northeast China, Aquaclio South China, and Mr. Chen Dung-Lin, who is the professor from “Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics”, made a special trip to Taiwan to visit Taiwan International Water Week.

Mr. Chen Dung-Lin said, there are about 80% of water purifiers lose their efficiency after using for a year, eventually water quality does not meet the standards. While this trip to Taiwan, he had deep communication with water purification veterans, analyzed the cause of the problem from production, storage to sampling, and found ways to ensure the safety of drinking water successfully!

Date: September 26~28, 2019
Location: Taipei, Taiwan

Taiwan International Water Week 2019    Taiwan International Water Week 2019

Taiwan International Water Show 2019    
Taiwan International Water Show 2019

Taiwan International Water Week 2019


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